CNN's Great Big Story

Jose Remi Productions teamed up with CNN's Great Big Story to tell the story of Antonio Negron, a free-diving spear fisherman from Culebra,  Puerto Rico.  The film chronicles a day in the life of one of the most passionate individuals we've ever met. Join him on a dive into the waters of Culebra, Puerto Rico and understand the importance of catching only what you need to survive.

If you're interested in helping 'Tony' out directly be sure to check out our indie go-go campaign posted below. 


Documentary production is the driving force behind Jose Remi. Our environmental documentaries have been screened at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida; the Animal Film Festival in Grass Valley, California; and at Gray's Reef Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia.  Our films have been exhibited at the National Museum of Animals & Society in Los Angeles, California; and at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.